Carpet Cleaning Johannesburg Testimonials

“Our geyser burst recently. What a nightmare it was, there was water running everywhere.  After the water finally stopped running everywhere and the geyser was replaced, we realized what damage had been done to our carpets.

After a few days, and after not paying much attention, the carpets throughout the whole house started to stink beyond imagination.  After getting and comparing many quotes, we went with this company.  Their workmanship and professionalism is something that we had never experienced before.  Theyunderstood our sense of urgency from the get go and informed us from the beginning exactly how they will clean the carpets and what chemicals/soaps they will use to do the deep clean.

They even came out the very next day after we approved the quote to start with the clean.They made sure that the cleaning never interfered with us or the noise never got to out of hand.  They stuck to their time frame and the finished job was unbelievable.  No more unbearable smells coming from the carpets.I would recommend them to absolutely everybody and anybody.”
Fourways and Bryanston

This is just one of the many MANY thank you emails and letters we receive daily from our happy customers.  With us, we regard our customers as family and for family; we do everything in our power to help them.  Not only do we give you an obligation free call out and quote, we believe in our work so much that we will also give youa money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the way your carpets have been cleaned. (T & C’s apply)

Call us today because we can guarantee you, you will not be sorry.