About Us

Our company has been operating for seven years and we have been theleader in upholstery and carpet cleaning in South Africa for three of those seven years.  The owner of the company has personal and many years of experience in all upholstery and carpet cleaning aspects.  All cleaners and head office/call centre staff are fully qualified and experiencedto give quotes telephonically and in person with initial call out.Our upholstery and carpet cleaning company in Johannesburg was started with the intention and belief that it could be different to other cleaning companiesout there.  Enough research and time was put in to know that we wanted to offer a service to South African citizens that was not only affordable, it must also cater to theircleaning needs.  Through experience and many hours ofresearch and seeing how often carpets have to be cleaned with other companies, we saw that upholstery cleaning in South Africa is a dire need.  We realized quickly that what most families want when looking for cleaners is a company that offers more than just carpet cleaning, they wanted their upholstery and curtains done all in one.

Through all our research and investigation, we realized that we wanted to offer families different packages and different deep cleans.  We can now finally introduce oursix different packages that range from basic carpet and rug cleaning to deep upholstery, curtain, linen, rug and carpet cleaning.  We also give you the option to choose what kind of chemicals and soaps you would prefer us to use.  (T & C’s apply.)

Our A grade quality soaps, chemicals and machines guarantees you that you will be completely satisfied with your clean home and your carpets and upholstery will look and smell and feel brand new.  Our products are so well made that you will forget that your carpetlooked like a green and moldy swamp pit.  Our products for your carpet cleaning are Proudly South African.  Local is lekker!  With our top qualified technicians and cleaners, you are guaranteed of the best quote, the best clean and the best service money can offer.  We even have an option for coastal towns where the carpets are cleaned with anti-mold soap and your carpets will be cleaned in such a way that you are guaranteed of absolute cleanliness and no chance of mold creeping in, especially during those months where the humidity is beyond bearable.  No more having to worry about if your home is safe and clean enough without having to clean the carpets once a week.

Carpet Cleaning services Johannesburg  offer hassle-free quotes with no obligations if you feel that you don’t like what we have to offer.  And don’t forget about our amazing packages.  The full job does not take more than a few hours.  From there it is a smooth and safe ride to your new dream smelling home.